Beating the Babywearing Heat

Babywearing can be hot. When you’re strapping two bodies together there’s really no way around it, but there are tweaks that can make you and baby more comfortable in hot weather.

Pick a cool(er) carrier

Some fabrics and carrier designs are a little lighter or more breathable.

Ring slings, by design, only have one pass of fabric around the child, so they are one of the cooler options for warm-weather wearing. Ring slings made of linen are light and breathable – perfect for summer. In the lending library, we have linen slings from Comfy Joey, Zanytoes, Sakura Bloom, and Soul Sling.

You can also pick wraps made from lighter materials. Options from our lending library include the Wrapsody Breeze, Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid, K’Tan Active, and Solly Baby,

Soft-structured carriers made with lighter fabrics or mesh panels are another great, breathable option. In the lending library, we have the Beco Gemini Cool, BityBean Ultra Compact Baby Carrier, Ergo Performance Ventus, Infant Kinderpack with Koolknit, Pognae, Connecta Solarweave, Lillebaby All Season and Lillebaby Airflow.

Ways to keep cool

Regardless of which carrier you use, there are a few things that will keep you and baby cooler.

  • Dress in light colors, which will feel cooler in the direct sun.
  • Dress in layers, especially if the day will start cool. During the spring, the day can heat up fast. Being able to shed a layer is an asset.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water will help keep your body temperature down. Remember, babies shouldn’t be given water –
  • A misting fan will also help you and baby feel cooler – and stroller fans can also be clipped to carriers!
  • Keep out of the sun as much as possible. Sun hats will help keep you covered – or use an umbrella to make your own shade.
  • Use a cooling towel to cool the wearer. A cooling towel like FroggToggs should never be used on baby or between baby and the wearer because babies can’t regulate their body temperatures as well and it’s hard to tell if they’re getting too chilled.

Watch for overheating

When you’re out and about, it’s important to stay mindful of signs that baby is in distress. Signs of overheating can include:

  • Rapid breathing or rapid heartbeat
  • Excessive redness or rash
  • Baby seems dizzy, confused, lethargic, or limp
  • Baby acting overly fussy and uncomfortable

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to get baby and yourself into a cooler environment and consult your pediatrician.

Three Cheers for our Volunteers: the VBEs

It’s National Volunteer Week and we couldn’t let the week pass without sending out a big THANK YOU to our team of Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs, for short).

VBEs are the leadership for all BWI chapters. Most people see the VBEs teaching at meetings or answering questions on Facebook, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Not only do they know their stuff – they’ve passed a written assessment and skills assessments from Babywearing International to earn the title – but they are also behind-the-scenes rock stars.

The VBE team sets up meetings and special events, organizes fundraisers, maintains the chapter’s website and social media, keeps the group’s accounting in check, organizes community outreach, and builds and maintains the lending library. And they all do it with multiple kids in tow and other jobs or volunteer gigs to balance.

Babywearing International of Central New Jersey’s VBE team currently includes Lucy Fronheiser, Megan Mikita, Lauren Bartlett, Sandy Lee, Allyson Sandak, and Kate Sabella. If you see one of them this week, be sure to say Happy National Volunteer Week and Thank You!

Babywearing ABCs

If you’ve been to a meeting, you’ve heard the VBEs talk about the ABCs of babywearing. We start every meeting this way because whether you’re brand new to babywearing or a seasoned wearer, these are great reminders.

A is for Airway. We always, always, always want to make sure that baby can breathe easy in the carrier. We don’t want baby to be chin-to-chest because it can pinch off baby’s airway. (To see what we mean, put your chin to your chest and try to breathe. Go ahead! Not really comfortable, right? And babies don’t even have the muscle development you do, so it’s even worse for them!) You also want to always have a clear sight of baby’s airway and make sure that the carrier (or your clothing) are not impeding fresh air from circulating around baby’s face.

B is for Body Position. You want to make sure baby has a nice, neutral spine. Baby should have enough support that they’re not slumping over, but not so tight that they’re unnaturally straight. Baby should be in the seated “M” position, with baby’s knees higher than their bum, and the carrier should support baby from knee to knee.

C is for Comfort. You should be comfortable. Baby should be comfortable. If you’re not, let’s fix it. Bring the carrier with you to a meeting and we can help you tweak your carry to make it more comfortable, or you can browse our lending library and try out some other options. Can’t make a meeting? Post some pictures to our Facebook group and we’ll try to help with some virtual tweaking!


Lending Library Picks that Scream Spring

The Nor’easter is behind us and with it, hopefully, the last of the snow. We’re excited to start thinking spring! We can’t wait for the warmer weather and all that comes with it – including more outside time to show off some fun carriers!

From pastels to florals to rainbows, our lending libraries have a lot of fun options that are perfect for spring! Come try out these beauties at a meeting – they’re a perfect accessory for all the spring celebrations coming up! 

From the weekday library:

Top: Risaroo Kerrington Crush (Size 6), Standard Kinderpack – Unicorns, Soul Slings Linen Ring Sling – Pink
Bottom: Mimiwrap – Mei Tai, Pied-de-Poule Coral POP by Artipoppe (Size 6), Beco Gemini – Ellie

From the weekend library:

 Top: Girasol MySol – Rainbow, West of 4th Weaving – Tribute to Mothers (Size 6), Fidella FlyTai
Bottom: Comfy Joey Ring Sling – Aruba Surf, Standard Tula – Confetti Pop, Natibaby – Monarch (Size 4)